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Who should see a speech-language therapist (SLT)?

Children who experience difficulties in...


  • Language

    • Not following simple instructions by the age of 18 months (e.g. "no" or "give me            ")

    • Not producing first word by the age of 18 months

    • Not combining words by the age of 2 and a half years old


  • Social and Communication Skills

    • ​Lack of eye contact

    • Inability to follow instructions or even hear them

    • Lack of other socially engaging behaviours (e.g. pointing, waving)

    • Become upset when not understood by others

    • Suddenly loses his/ her speech and language skills


  • Fluency (Stuttering)

    • Repetition of words/part of words (e.g. 'Su-su-su-supermarket')

    • Prolongation of sounds (e.g. 'Ssssorry')

    • Blocking (e.g. B---all)


  • Articulation 

    • Trouble saying certain sounds/words correctly

    • Speech is not easily understood by strangers by 3 years old

    • e.g. 'cup' becomes 'tup', 'fish becomes 'pish' etc.

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