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I'm interested to bring my child for speech/occupational therapy sessions. Where do I start?

As all of our sessions are by appointment only, do give us a call to schedule an appointment before coming over to avoid disappointment!

Do I start with therapy sessions rightaway?

No. When you come with your child for the first time, an assessment session will be carried out to find out your child's current speech and language performance.

How frequent are the speech/occupational therapy sessions?

Our speech/occupational therapist will only be able to recommend the frequency of therapy sessions required after seeing your child for the assessment session. 

Is it enough for my child to attend therapy sessions only once in a week?

Yes, weekly sessions are adequate for your child as our therapists will provide home practice after each session for you to carry out at home. Truth be told, parents are the best 'therapists' as you spend the most time with your child! 

How long does each session take?

All sessions take 45 minutes to 1 hour.

How long will my child need speech therapy before I see improvements in him/her?

How long therapy takes to work differ from child to child. Every child learns differently and progresses at a different pace.


A few factors that determines how long therapy will take include:

  • Age of the chlid

  • Type of speech-language difficulty

  • Severity of speech-language difficulty

  • Presence of any co-occuring issues/disorder

  • Consistency of carrying out home practise at home

Does My Little One offer trial sessions?

No. Similar to speech/occupational therapy services in medical centres or hospitals, no trial session is provided. 

Is the assessment session chargeable?

Yes. An assessment session which includes professional consultation and evaluation of the child's speech-language performance by our speech therapist will be charged accordingly.

Do I need to see the doctor/paediatrician prior to coming for an assessment session?

No, we do not require any referral from the paediatrician before seeing your child for a speech-language assessment.

My child has gone through the first speech/language assessment session with a speech therapist in another centre/hospital. Does he/she need to redo the assessment in My Little One before starting the speech therapy sessions?

If your child has a recent (not more than 3 months) comprehensive assessment report provided by the speech therapist, you may send us a copy of the report and your child will not have to redo the assessment in My Little One.


In the event where there is no report provided, your child will have to go through the speech-language assessment session before starting speech therapy.

My child has seen a developmental paediatrician/child psychologist for an assessment. Does he/she need to redo the assessment in My Little One before starting the speech therapy sessions?

Yes. The assessment conducted with a speech therapist is very specific to speech, language and communication. This is important to find out your child's baseline performance before starting therapy sessions.

What language will the speech therapist use in the session?

We will use the language that your child is using primarily. It may also be a mixture of 2 languages.

Our speech therapists are able to converse in English, Malay, and Mandarin; while our occupational therapist can converse in English and Malay.

Does My Little One provide home-based services?

No. All our sessions take place in the centre only. 

What are the payment methods accepted in My Little One?

We accept cash, DuitNowQR, Maybank QRPay or online transfer to Maybank only.

Can I bring my other child(ren) along to join the assessment session?

It is not recommended for another child to be present in the session if he/she will interfere the ongoing assessment. 

Where can I park my vehicle? 

If you have difficulty getting a parking spot, you may opt to enter the multi-storey parking lot right opposite our centre. 

Does My Little One see adults who have speech-language/communication difficulties?

For new intake, My Little One only sees children 6 years and below only.

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